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Engineering Architects Impacted Our Life Today - 1051 Words

Engineering Architects impacted our life today and Rome s life many years ago. If you don t think that engendering and Architects are the greatest impact, then what is? Think about this what would happen if these things were never created how would we live today. Roman was a very powerful city. Rome was very efficient they created many magnificent structures weather it s building, art or langue. Rome was a very powerful city but slowly it started to loss it power. Many great leaders started to change everything but some changes were bad and good. Rome fell but it s legacy lived on. This means that even though roman was destroyed they technics they used were still being used even today. Their legacies still used like the art is still being created but by different people. Roman legacies are mark that you leave. You can motivate people and inspire people. The architects were inspired to make Rome very beautiful and better with these features. Like building roads, the aqueducts, and col iseum. All of these features I believe are part of the roman legacy, don t you? Roman roads were one of the many greatest legacy s that impacts every day life today.Roads are used everyday for transportation. The Romans used it to get to places faster rather than then going trough the forest or otherShow MoreRelatedLeonardo Da Vinci1629 Words   |  7 Pagespeasant girl. Leonardo had no surname when born and took the name Da Vinci meaning from Vinci, the small town in Florence where he was born. Throughout his life Leonardo faced many hardships. From 1457 he lived in the household of his father, grandparents and uncle, Francesco, in the small town of Vinci, after living the first five years of his life with his mother in Anchiano. According to European Authors Leonardo’s father had another son in 1475, with the birth of Piero’s son Leonardo was excludedRead MoreThe Storm Surge Of The Hurricane1487 Words   |  6 Pageslittlest warnings, like there might be a flood, they run out to stores, and get a bundle of things they might need in a real emerg ency. This is a good thing, but clearly, hurricanes such as Hurricane Katrina affected them. Thus, Hurricane Katrina has impacted the futuristic actions of the government and the people went it comes to being prepared for upcoming natural disaster, and hurricanes to be specific. Hurricane has greatly influenced the lives of people who either lost their loved ones or their belongingsRead More Frank Lloyd Wright was One of the Great Archtects in American History1660 Words   |  7 PagesWithout a doubt, Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the greatest architects in American history and the greatest architect of the 20th century. Nature was his muse and his architectural structures embodied organic qualities. He took full advantage of the technological advances of the 20th century but redirecting the concept of space and employing new techniques; Wright was known for his modern and innovative designs. He believed that, â€Å"architecture was not just about buildings, it was about nourishin gRead MoreThe Roman Architecture And Engineering1798 Words   |  8 Pages Imagine what the world would be like today; it would be a huge mess if we didn t have roads or helpful structures that we take for granted every day and barely even think about, what we don t think about is the history behind these unique frames of stone, concrete, and wood. In 476 C.E. when Rome fell to the barbaric tribes, the Roman Empire was done for, and had no chance of coming back to greatness; so why is it still looked upon as an amazing feat of ruling? A legacy is a reminder ofRead MoreFoundation Of Engineering Ethics And Values3793 Words   |  16 PagesFoundation of Engineering Ethics and Values Interaction between Ethics and Technology SUBMITTED BY SHIRISH KUMAR KATA 1498381 ADVISOR Prof. Colin Doyle OKLAHOMA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY ABSTRACT: At the outset morals and innovation appear to have no collaboration. On the other hand, we see the impact of morals on innovation both from the calling and the general population. Case in point the code of expert morals hasRead MoreHuman Resource Management On Construction And Architecture Essay1919 Words   |  8 Pagesthe world income and own less than 1% of the world’s property† The construction industry has been for years been seemed to be a men’s world. Slowly the face of the engineering industry is changing and we re seeing more girls getting into it. This paper is focusing on the converting aspect of the enterprise and the way it has impacted on girls. However, there are early symptoms of a cultural shift within the industry. This paper offers an empirical evaluate of girls’ roles in the enterprise and theRead MoreA Report on the Globalization of the Construction Industry Essay2900 Words   |  12 PagesA Report On The Globalization of the Construction Industry â€Å"How has globalization impacted on the construction industry in terms of issues such as: structure, characteristics of the industry and individual firms, building cycles and forecasting the future direction of the overall economy and the construction industry in particular†. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1.0 Executive Summary 2.0 Introduction 3.0 Globalization 4.0 Structure 4.1 The Global Construction Industry 4.2 IssuesRead MoreLeed and the Impact on the Building Industry Essay2918 Words   |  12 Pagesidea of sustainable building came to light during the energy crisis and the growing concerns over environmental pollution and human health in the early 90’s. However, back then people did not have the information, technology or funds that we have today to make an impact. There are a number of motives to building LEED Certified including, saving energy, using less water, better indoor air quality, and recycling. Not only are the advantages to the environment but they are also reflected in the bottomRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pagesor other damages. For general information on our other products and services or for technical support, please contact our Customer Care Department within the United States at (800) 762-2974, outside the United States at (317) 572-3993 or fax (317) 572-4002. Wiley also publishe s its books in a variety of electronic formats. Some content that appears in print may not be available in electronic books. For more information about Wiley products, visit our Web site at Library of CongressRead MoreGlobal Business And Technology Landscape8419 Words   |  34 Pagesof specialist IT infrastructure solutions and services. With operations in over 58 countries, over 23,000 employees and over 6,000 clients – coupled with our deep understanding of the global business and technology landscape – we help accelerate the achievement of your business goals. Dimension Data’s passion is to find ways to use ICT to make our clients’ businesses work better. We turn your ambitions into achievements. We will position you to respond to today’s challenges, with targeted, pertinent

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What Is Chemical Weathering

There are three types of weathering which affect rock: physical, biological, and chemical. Chemical weathering, also known as decomposition or decay, is the breakdown of rock  by chemical mechanisms. How Chemical Weathering Happens Chemical weathering does not break rocks into smaller fragments through wind, water, and ice (thats physical weathering). Nor does it break rocks apart through the action of plants or animals (thats biological weathering). Instead, it changes the chemical composition of the rock, usually through carbonation, hydration, hydrolysis or oxidation.   Chemical weathering alters the composition of the rock material toward surface minerals, such as clays. It attacks minerals that are relatively unstable in surface conditions, such as the primary minerals of igneous rocks like basalt, granite or peridotite. It can also occur in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and  is an element of  corrosion  or chemical erosion.   Water is especially effective at introducing chemically active agents by way of fractures and causing rocks to crumble piecemeal. Water may also loosen thin shells of material (in spheroidal weathering). Chemical weathering may include shallow, low-temperature alteration. Lets take a look at the four main types of chemical weathering that were mentioned earlier. It should be noted that these are not the only forms, just the most common. Carbonation Carbonation occurs when rain, which is naturally slightly acidic due to atmospheric carbon dioxide  (CO2), combines with a calcium carbonate (CaCO3), such as limestone or chalk. The interaction forms calcium bicarbonate, or  Ca(HCO3)2. Rain has a normal pH level of 5.0-5.5, which alone is acidic enough to cause a chemical reaction. Acid rain, which is unnaturally acidic from atmospheric pollution, has a pH level of 4 (a lower number indicates greater acidity while a higher number indicates greater basicity).   Carbonation, sometimes referred to as  dissolution,  is the driving force behind the sinkholes, caverns and underground rivers of  karst topography.   Hydration Hydration occurs when water reacts with an anhydrous mineral, creating a new mineral. The water is added to the crystalline structure of a mineral, which forms a hydrate.   Anhydrite, which means waterless stone, is a calcium sulfate (CaSO4) that is  usually found in underground settings. When exposed to water near the surface, it quickly becomes gypsum, the softest mineral on the Mohs hardness scale.  Ã‚  Ã‚   Hydrolysis Hydrolysis is the opposite of hydration; in this case, water breaks down the chemical bonds of a mineral instead of creating a new mineral. It is a decomposition reaction.   The name makes this one particularly easy to remember: The prefix hydro- means water, while the suffix -lysis means decomposition, breakdown or separation.   Oxidation Oxidation refers to the reaction of oxygen  with metal elements in a rock, forming oxides.  An easily recognizable example of this is rust.  Iron (steel) reacts easily with oxygen, turning into reddish-brown iron oxides. This reaction is responsible for the red surface of Mars and the red color of hematite and magnetite, two other common oxides.

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`` Walls Of Jericho `` - 999 Words

â€Å"These places therefore are no longer mine but theirs. Not that I’m barred, any more than they were seven or eight years ago. But the complexion of the place is theirs, not mine. I? Why, I am actually stared at, I frequently feel uncomfortable and out of place, and when I go out on the floor to dance I am lost in a sea of white faces†¦Time was when white people went to Negro cabarets to see how Negroes acted; now Negroes go to these same cabarets to see how white people act.† African-American physician, radiologist, musician and novelist Rudolph Fisher was coupled with the Harlem Renaissance, whose fiction credibly illustrated black urban life, particularly in Harlem. In his first novel, Walls of Jericho, Fisher humorously and satirically presented a hopeful vision that African American men could get ahead in the urban north if they united to overcome distrust bred by spans of oppression. World War I shaped a transformation for African Americans from the †Å"old† to the â€Å"new†, also known during that time period as The New Negro Movement. Thousands relocated from the rural South to the industrial North, following a vision of social and economic opportunity. This movement of the 1920s promoted a rehabilitated sense of â€Å"racial pride, cultural self-expression, economic independence, and progressive politics.† Described within Rudolph Fisher’s article The Caucasian Storms Harlem, The New Negro Movement appeared during a time heavily saturated by jazz, which was significant to notShow MoreRelatedKathleen M. Kenyon s Life1717 Words   |  7 Pages– 1962 Kathleen was a teacher in Palestinian Archeology. Alongside of Kathleen’s lecturing and course work she would take her class into the field. Some of the places that Kathleen would take her class to were the field at Sutton Walls in England but especially Jericho and Jerusalem which are two of the sites that Kathleen would become well known f or. Not only was she a teacher there but she served as the first secretary and acting director during World War II. Soon after the war in 1951, KathleenRead MoreThe Bible And Of The Pentateuch997 Words   |  4 Pageshad before, he also blessed him with ten children again, and he let Job live for a hundred and forty years. (Job 42:10-17) Jericho Key Dates: The city of Jericho has been around since 9000 B.C but it is not significant in Scripture until around 445 B.C and the final demise of Jericho was about 70 A.D. (Bible Nations and Cities) Clarification of the Location: Ancient Jericho was located about sixteen miles to the northeast of Jerusalem and about six miles northwest of the Dead Sea. It lies down deepRead More An Analysis of The Story of Rahab Essay604 Words   |  3 Pagesor past sins, who put their faith in Him. The story of Rahab begins when Joshua, after receiving God’s command to enter into the Promised Land, sends two spies into Jericho and the surrounding areas to â€Å"view the land† (Joshua 2:1). The two spies are discovered in Jericho as they enter Rahab’s harlot house. The king of Jericho, being alerted to their presence, sends for the spies. Rahab hides the two spies on her roof under some flax and sends the guards out of the city on a wild goose chase.Read MoreThe Battle Of Jericho By Joshua Huxley1126 Words   |  5 Pages The battle of Jericho was Joshua’s first battle as Moses successor. The Israelites were commanded to march around the walls of Jericho once every day for seven days. On the seventh day they marched around the wall seven times. The seventh time they marched they shouted out, the priest blew their trumpets and the walls came down. They overtook the city with a great vengeance and they killed every person in the city (save Rahab and he r household) and they burnt the city with fire and everything inRead MoreDictionary of O.T1356 Words   |  6 Pagesor fainthearted. The victory goes to those whose faith exceeds the obstacles† (E. Hindson, page 161). JERICHO Jericho: There is not a book in the bible that specifically dedicated to the City of Jericho, the significance of this city lies within Israel conquest and settlement in the Promise Land. Jericho in Hebrew means, City of Palms.† The events surrounding Jericho dates in circa 1380-1370 BC. Imagine your family relocating to a new town, only to finding out it will take yourRead MoreAssess the claim that God created Humanity for a purpose Essay649 Words   |  3 Pagesmankind be it in terms of physical manifestations such as Jesus, or in less tangible instances such as giving guidance on an event, although this is often disputed, an example of this would be the siege of Jericho where it is said; ‘Then the Lord said to Joshua, â€Å"See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men, then March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. Then Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of theRead MoreWhy Art often Symbolizes Death691 Words   |  3 Pagespowerful images in the world. In this essay I am going to discuss why art often symbolizes death and some of the complex ways in which art represents death. In Jericho in 1950 Cecil Western, a British Archeologist discovered decorated skulls with a reconstructed nose and shells as eyes for a replacement. The skulls were discovered in walls of homes and they had been placed in specially made alcoves. Since that discovery, other decorated skulls have been found in the Middle East and Asia and someRead MoreComparison Of Sasha Banks And Charlotte Flair997 Words   |  4 PagesKevin Owens, as he got assistance from his best friend Chris Jericho. Seth Rollins put up a valiant effort but the numbers game was not on his side. Kevin Owens managed to use his intelligence in order to do anything in his power in order to retain his Universal Championship. Therefore Owens blasted one of the referees in the face with a fire extinguisher. This was the perfect opportunity for Jericho to make his presence known. Jericho made his way inside the cell the door was briefly opened, heRead MoreKathleen Kenyon Essay2741 Words   |  11 Pagesaspect of Kathle en Kenyons archaeological career was her role as a teacher. From 1948 to 1962 she lectured in Levantine Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. Kenyons teaching, complemented by her excavations at Jericho and Jerusalem (which successively formed her field school), helped to train a generation of archaeologists, who went on themselves to teach in Britain, Australia, Canada, the United States, Denmark and elsewhere. Thesis Statement While Miss KathleenRead MoreNeolithic Art and Architecture Paper2272 Words   |  10 Pageschallenges and new opportunities. Within this paper I will discuss three Neolithic Locations, Jericho, Çatal Hà ¶yà ¼k, and Stonehenge. Also, what made each of these sites significant, what new forms of buildings were present at each, and what is still perplexing modern day historians and archaeologists about these sites. I will start with the oldest of the three locations from above, Jericho. Jericho is a city of Palestine, but has been under the occupation of many. Its most important fact is

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Capital Maintenance and Solvency Requirements

Question: Discuss about the Capital Maintenance and Solvency Requirements. Answer: Introduction: Maintenance of capital doctrine is a compilation of legal rules. These rules ensure that a company gets hold the capital, which is purported to rise the security of investors. According to these doctrines, this capital is maintained in subject to requirements of the business for the protection and benefits of companys creditors. The general principles related to doctrine of capital maintenance were developedby courts.These doctrines have originated to protect the interest of creditors and to ensure the legitimate debauchery of assets of a company. However, the doctrine of capital maintenance has been developed through a series of different judicial analysis of company cases in England. In this way, the case of Jessel, indirectly stated two different aspects of doctrine of capital maintenance firstly, the creditors have the authority to observe that the capital is not dissipating unlawfully and secondly, the member must not have the capital returned to them surreptitiously. The different company case laws have been the basis of these doctrines of capital maintenance but UK has customized these doctrines into a relaxed way due to the inevitability of the modern business demand in various aspects. These doctrines of capital maintenance were first developed in United Kingdom in 19th century.In 1980, the rules governing the doctrine of capital maintenance were reformed and replaced in UK through a statutory procedure. According to these reforms, shares can either be classed as bought back or as redeemable under the companies Act 2006 sections 684-723. Further, in Australia buyback of share are allowed under sections 257A-257J of the Corporation Act 2001. These doctrines of capital maintenance were developed due to the restricted liability of shareholders in concern of flow of capital in a business. Therefore, the main objectives of these doctrines are established to prevent fraudulence and to ensure the liabilities of the shareholders in a business. Furthermore, the doctrines of capital maintenance are attempted to compromise the interest of creditors with complete satisfaction of their claims and managerial freedom in corporations.In addition, for the purpose of creditors protection the doctrines restrict payment out capital to the shareholders in different ways which are discussed as below: The dividend in a business can only paid out of distributable profits. For the reduction of capital court approval is generally required. Buy back of own shares from a company may generally made out through distributable profits or may be proceed by a new issue of shares. The financial assistance of an individuals shares by a company is generally prohibited and saves in certain exceptions. The doctrine of capital maintenance is still a part of Australian Corporation law because both of these are related with the concept of shares and provides protection to the shareholders of the company. According to corporation law, a company is liable to pay the dividend to its shareholder in proportion of the amount of shares and the shareholders have authority to see the financial flow in the company. As well as, the doctrine of capital maintenance also provides protection to the shareholders from fraudulence and makes clear rules for the distribution of dividends to the shareholders. References: Dequest, J. (2013) Capital Maintenance and Solvency Requirements. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 18 January 2016). Federal Register of legislation (2013) Corporation Act 2001. [Online]. Available: (Accessed: 18 January 2017). Hannigan, B. (2012) The doctrine of capital maintenance. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 18 January 2017). Islam, S. (2013) The Doctrine of Capital Maintenance and its Statutory Developments: An Analysis, The Northern University Journal of Law, 4, pp. 47-55.

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Should Student Athletes be Drug Tested Essay Example

Should Student Athletes be Drug Tested Paper There are many different ways in the world to train yourself in sports whether it is exercise or practice, many people in the world do something that is illegal in many different sports as they have rules and stipulations for it and that is taking drugs. Whether it’s PED’s or cocaine. Drugs ruin many aspects of every sport and cause harm to the player, and team. If an athlete takes drugs like steroids and is caught, he/she are not only cheating, but they are going to be punished and most likely suspended or kicked off the team. This could hurt a team like in high schools where, for most sports, hold tryouts and make cuts to build their sports teams. Let’s say a high school basketball team has 18 kids tryout for the team and they have none of them take any sort of drug test. They cut the team down to 12 and they go into the season with 12 kids. One kid gets caught by the league for using steroids, then that suspends the player or kicks them off the team knocking them down to 11 players. It could get lower if more players get caught. Then that leaves a bad reputation on the school. If that high school had performed a drug test on the 18 kids at the beginning, then they could have found out that the student has had a history of taking drugs and could cut him from the team and take one of the 6 that were cut and take one of them who pass ed the test. Now, because they did not make the players take a drug test, they wasted a roster slot and now have to go through the rest of the season one player short. We will write a custom essay sample on Should Student Athletes be Drug Tested specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Should Student Athletes be Drug Tested specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Should Student Athletes be Drug Tested specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Performing drug tests could play a huge role in someone’s personal life. For example, if a kid who is in love with football tries out for the team and is good enough, but gets cut because he failed a drug test, he would start to consider if he should give up drugs for the game he loves. Or should he keep taking them, quit the football team and take the chance of having his life go downhill from there. When schools test athletes for d

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Comm 307 Study Guide Essays

Comm 307 Study Guide Essays Comm 307 Study Guide Essay Comm 307 Study Guide Essay Comm 307 Midterm Study Guide Types of Hypotheses: ?tentative statement about the relationship between IV DV ?One-tailed ?predicts the specific nature of the relationship or difference ?EX: Females will talk more (higher word count) than males in mixed dyadic dinner conversations ? Two-tailed ?predicts significant relationship or difference, but does not indicate the specific nature of the relationship ?EX: There is a significant difference in the quantity of words used (talkatively) by males females in mixed dyadic dinner conversations ? Null (Ho)? predicts that groups will not vary on DV or that there is not a relationship between 2 variables ? Ho: r=0 H1: r=0 ?H0: male talkatively = female talkatively ?**you are testing the Null hypotheses Types of Research Questions: ?explicit question researchers ask about variables of interest ? Directional ?asks if there is a positive or negative relationship or a specific difference between two or more variables ?EX: Do females use significa ntly more words than males? ?Nondirectional ?when researcher asks if there is no relationship between two or more variables or a significant difference occurs between two or more variables EX: Is there a significant difference between the amount of words (talkatively) females and males? Variables: ?Any entity that can take on different values ?Concrete ?birth order (first born, middle child, baby) ?sex (male or female) ?Abstract ?age (a number that changes) ?level of public speaking anxiety (score) ?Relationships ?correspondence between two variables ?Correlation ?Positive, Negative, No relationship ?Strength and Direction Variables: ?Independent ?variable(s) that is (are) manipulated or changed ?we study the impact on the DV ?Dependent ?variables recorded or measured ?we study changes in DV **RESPONDER! ?Intervening Variables ?variable that intervenes between the independent variable the dependent variable ? Antecedent Variables ?must consider what happened previously ?a study exa mining the impact of conflict (IV) on marital satisfaction (DV) ?possible antecedent variables could potentially impact the results ? Variable Levels ?Nominal ?three rules: ?mutually exclusive ?equivalency ?exhaustive ?examples: ?biological sex (male vs female) ?heart attack (yes vs no) ?Ordinal ?three rules: ?mutually exclusive ?logical ordering of categories (more of something) ?categorical balance ?examples: socio economic status ?(lower, middle, upper) ?education level ?(high school, college, graduate) ? letter grades ?(A, B, C, D, or F) ?Interval ?variable where the values of the categories are classified in a logical order that represents equal distances between the levels within each category ?there is no absolute zero ?examples: ?likert scale ?strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree, strongly agree ? semantic differential/bipolar adjective scale ? good/bad, dirty/clean, strong/weak ? guttman or scalogram rarely used in comm research ?to ascertain belief ?Ratio ?variable where the values of the categories are classified in a logical order that represents equal distances between the levels within each category with the presence of an absolute zero ?examples: ?temperature, age, height, weight ?mass, blood pressure, speed, heart rate CALCULATING Mean Median Mode ?most frequently reported score ?Bimodal (2 different modes) ?No Mode Skewness ?positively skewed = tail runs to right of curve ?negatively skewed = tail runs to left of curve Kurtosis ?If Kurtosis is above 0, then distribution is peaked with short, thick tails If Kurtosis is below 0, then distribution is flat and has many cases in the tails Normal Distribution (Bell curve) ?mean, median, mode = same number = bell curve CALCULATING: ?Range ?distance between largest value (Xmax) smallest score (Xmin) ?range = Xmax Xmin ?Sum of Squares ?Variance ?the average distance of the scores for an internal or ration scale from the mean in squared units ?high variance = most of scores are away form the me an ?low variance = most scores are centered closely to the mean ?Standard Deviation ?summary statistic of how scores vary from the mean is expressed in the original units of measurement tells us on avg how far each score differs from the avg score ?why we care: ?for a study we might see a reported: (M=24. 5, SD = 2. 1) ? 68% between 22. 4-26. 6 ?95% between 20. 3-28. 7 Likert Scales ?one likert scale ordinal data ?multiple likert scales interval data ?strongly disagree-strongly agree Semantic Differential Scales ?determines differential/bipolar adjective ?one scale ordinal data ?multiple interval data Reliability ?accuracy that a measure has for producing stable, consistent measurements ?ex: does the watch work effectively? ?Tests for Reliability Test-retest ?same measure/different occasion ?Alternate ?different measure/same phenomenon ?Split-Half ?split to 2 groups/correlate scores ?Cronbach’s Alpha ?statistical test ?interpreting like grades ?a = excellent, b = good, c = r espectable, d =undesirable, f = unacceptable ? . 70 to get published ?Krippendorf’s Alpha ?Ways to improve reliability of an instrument ? item construction ?increase the length of the instrument ?improve the admin of the test Validity: ?degree to which the measuring instrument measures what it is intended to measure ? Types of Validity ?Face (content) Validity ?look at appearance of measure ?Criterion Validity ?look at how accurately new measure can predict well-accepted measures ? Construct Validity ?look at degree survey measures ?Threats to Validity ?Overlapping variables ?Measuring relationship satisfaction but actually measuring life satisfaction ? Interaction of Different Treatments ?intervening variable ?results form multiple treatments not from experiment ?ex: measuring improvement of public speaking in comm majors (its likely that other classes are contributing to success too) ? Interaction of Testing and Treatment ?when participants are sensitive or receptive to future measures of particular variable ? Hypothesis Guessing ?when participants guess what researcher is attempting to measure ? Evaluation Apprehension ?some individuals experience anxiety when they know they are being evaluated ? ex: white coat syndrome ?Experimenter Expectancies ?experimenter unknowingly influence a participants scores on a measure ? ex: accidentally telling the subject to quickly complete their measure (when they are measuring time as a ariable) ? Social Desirability Bias ?when participant changes a response to be seen in a better light ? ex: altering a survey response in case someone links the response to self Conducting Survey Research ?Prepare ?determine your question types (NOIR) ?use common sense putting survey together ?create clear instructions ?design your study ?complete pilot testing as needed ?Disseminate ?interview (face to face, telephone) ?self-administered ?mass a dministration ?mailed administration ?internet administration ?Improving Response Rates ?make survey easy to complete ?keep survey short use SASE (stamps envelopes to return) as needed ?include a good cover letter ?use multiple administration techniques Response Sets, Non-Response Bias Content Analysis ?a summarizing, quantitative analysis of messages ?conducting content analysis ?early stelps: ?theory rationale ?conceptualization ?operationalization ?detailed description ?unit of analysis: ?major phenomenon being analyzed within a study ? next steps: ?coding schemes (defined) ?sampling (determined) ?training pilot reliability Cohen’s kappa Coding Problems ?coding misinterpretations ?coder inattention ?coder fatigue

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Speluncean Explorer Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Speluncean Explorer Case - Essay Example The jury will hear the arguments from both the parties and then he will decide the truth or punishment. Normally in adversarial system the trial will be followed by an inquiry of the issue. In my opinion, the judge Natural who upheld the judgment, but reduced the punishment to 20 years life in prison, is more likely to be the best judge who acted as per the criminal justice system in Ukraine. In criminal procedures, the humanity or morality will only at the second place. At first place the as per the criminal justice system the judges need to analyze that whether the crime has been committed by the accused or not. They should confirm that enough evidences are there to sentence the culprits. So the first duty of the judges is to ensure that enough evidences are there against the culprit. The circumstances under which the crime has been conducted, comes only after the crime is established. The circumstances of the crime only used to determine how much punishment needs to be enforced. If the judge feels that the culprit has no other way other than the crime to escape, the judge can consider a liberal approach towards the culprit. Or in other words if the crime was conducted under no forceful conditions then the culprit needs maximum punishment. Here in this Speluncean Explorer Case, the crime was conducted only when there was no other way for the culprits to escape. So the judge can think of a liberal approach towards the culprits. But at the same time, under no circumstances, a person can take the life of another person because of its immense value. Since nobody can create a life in the laboratory, nobody can take the life of another person also. So in this case judge Natural is absolutely right in his judgment in my opinion. He has analyzed all the aspects of the crime both legally and morally. Though the culprits may be right legally, morally they were not. Capital punishment has to be reduced considering all the